Record Setting Week Investment Grade Debt Issuance-Again!
September 10, 2016   //   by Mischler MarCom   //   Debt Market Commentary  

Quigley’s Corner 09.09.16 Another Record Setting Week for Investment Grade Issuance


Investment Grade New Issue Re-Cap – One and Done to Cap Off Record Setting Week

Global Market Recap

IG Primary & Secondary Market Talking Points

“The Best and the Brightest” –  Fixed Income Syndicate Forecasts and Sound Bites for Next Week 

This Week’s IG New Issues and Where They’re Trading

Lipper Report/Fund Flows – Week ending September 7th

New Issue Volume

Economic Data Releases

Rates Trading Lab- The Pain Trade(s)

IG Credit Spreads (by Rating/Industry)

New Issue Pipeline

M&A Pipeline


Asia Development Bank printed its well telegraphed $500mm tap of its 5yr FRNs due 9/16/2021 and that was all she wrote to close a record setting number of deals in this holiday-shortened week.  I’ll keep it short and sweet readers.  This week hosted 40 IG Corporate issuers across 73 tranches.  Including SSA issuance, the IG dollar DCM featured 46 issuers and 79 tranches.  Both are records for any three consecutive sessions in history.  So, you’re probably wondering what’s ahead for next week?  Well, I could scribe a long ditty for you but everything is already here.  Today is Friday and you know what that means – I contacted the top 23 syndicate desks to get their thoughts and numbers for next week.  I happen to think we’ll print $50b but that’s just me.  Scroll down and read what the “Best and the Brightest” have to say about the week ahead. It’s all here.  Remember, if you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.  What’s more it’s free from me to you.

Before I do, however, and knowing what it’s like to sit in the syndicate pit – the nerve center of our debt capital markets –  how about a resounding round of applause – no make it a standing “O” – for all the syndicate desks out there who accomplished such a tremendous feat this week.   Yeah you know it, I am actually standing up on my trading floor clapping my hands for all of them. You really have no idea what busy means until you run a syndicate desk. A lot less people are working a LOT harder on syndicate desks setting new records along the way.  I hope those sitting in their ivory towers remember that at the end of the year.

Global Market Recap


o   U.S. Treasuries – Back-to-back terrible days for global bond markets led by the long end.

o   Stocks – U.S. stocks were hit hard (3pm). Europe traded poorly. Asia closed mixed.

o   Economic – Fed Speak mixed in the U.S. Weaker data in Germany & France.

o   Currencies – Big day for the USD outperforming all of the Big 5.

o   Commodities – Very bad day in commodity land.

o   CDX IG: +3.66 to 75.31

o   CDX HY: +16.42 to 404.18

o   CDX EM: +11.28 to 243.95

*CDX levels are as of 3:30PM ET today.

-Tony Farren


IG Primary & Secondary Market Talking Points
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o   Taking a look at the secondary trading performance of this week’s IG and SSA new issues, of the 79 deals that printed, 48 tightened versus NIP for a 60.75% improvement rate while only 15 widened (19.00%) and 16 were trading flat (20.25%).

  • For the week ended September 7th, Lipper U.S. Fund Flows reported an inflow of $2.804b into Corporate Investment Grade Funds (2016 YTD net inflow of $32.901b) and a net inflow of $610.273m from High Yield Funds (2016 YTD net inflow of $10.160b).
  • BAML’s IG Master Index was unchanged at +140.  +106 represents the post-Crisis low dating back to July 2007.
  • Standard & Poor’s Global Fixed Income Research was also unchanged at +189.  The +140 reached on July 30th 2014 represents the post-Crisis low.
  • Investment grade corporate bond trading posted a final Trace count of $15b on Thursday versus $16.5b Wednesday and $12.8b the previous Thursday.


Syndicate IG Corporate-only Volume Estimates for September


IG Corporate New Issuance September 2016 vs. Current
MTD – $52.46b
Low-End Avg. $115.45b 45.44%
Midpoint Avg. $116.02b 45.22%
High-End Avg. $116.59b 45.00%
The Low $80b 65.58%
The High $150b 34.97%


Syndicate IG Corporate-only Volume Estimates for Next Week


IG Corporate New Issuance Next Week
Low-End Avg. $35.83b
Midpoint Avg. $36.91b
High-End Avg. $38.00b
The Low $30b
The High $46b


A Look at How the Voting Brackets Broke-Out for Next Week


Next Week
2: 30b
2: 30-35b
4: 35b
8: 35-40b
1: 38b
5: 40b
1: 46b


“The Best and the Brightest” –  Syndicate Forecasts and Sound Bites for Next Week 


I am happy to announce that, once again, the “QC” received unanimous responses from the 23 syndicate desks surveyed in today’s Best & Brightest poll.  21 of those participants are among 2016’s top 22 ranked syndicate desks according to today’s Bloomberg’s U.S. IG U.S. Investment Grade Corporate Bond underwriting league table.  In fact, all of today’s 23 participants finished in the top 25 of last year’s final IG Corporate Bloomberg league table.  The 2016 League table can be found on your terminals at “LEAG” + [GO] after which you select #201 (US Investment Grade Corporates).  Today’s cumulative underwriting percentage of the participating desks was 81.07% which simply means they’re the ones with visibility.  But it’s not only about their volume forecasts, it’s also about their comments!  This core syndicate group does it best; they know best; so they’re the ones you WANT and NEED to hear from.  It’s a great look at the week ahead.


*Please note that these are Investment Grade Corporates only. They do not include SSA issuance unless otherwise noted. The question posed to the “Best and the Brightest” early this morning was premised on the following:

“We set a new all-time activity record for number of issues and tranches in three consecutive days from (Mon-Thurs.) having featured 40 IG Corporate issuers and 73 tranches between them.  This week’s final all-in tally of $52.76b ranks as the 7th highest volume week in history for IG Corporate plus SSA issuance.  This week also finishes as the 4th highest volume week of the year for all-in IG issuance. 

Treasuries are getting slammed this morning on consensus that global Central Bank’s apprehension as to the benefits of further easing.  I personally think USTs should be moving in the opposite direction.  Yesterday ECB President Draghi called on EU governments to intercede to do more.  Here’s what we know – while he began speaking a total of 11 issuers announced 20 tranches between them totaling $12.41b.  Net, net – who cares what he thinks?  The market’s response was clear -we have a lot lined up for next week and the rest of this month so, let’s get to it. This after setting an all-time issuance records for August IG Corporate-only issuance with $114.325b priced and for all-in IG Corps plus SSA issuance with $136.575b priced.  

This week we priced $59.06b of all-in IG Corporate and SSA issuance. IG Corps were $52.46b.  In only three active days of September we priced 45% of the syndicate midpoint average forecast for IG Corporates for the entire month or $116.02b.

Here are this week’s IG Corporate-only key primary market driver averages:


o   NICS:  1.30 bps

o   Oversubscription Rates: 3.23x

o   Tenors:  9.42 years

o   Tranche Sizes: $719mm

For the week ended September 1st, Lipper U.S. Fund Flows reported an inflow of $2.804b into Corporate Investment Grade Funds (2016 YTD net inflow of $32.901b) and a net inflow of $610.273m from High Yield Funds (2016 YTD net inflow of $10.160b). 

Week-on-week, BAML’s IG Master Index is 1 bp wider or +140 vs. last Friday’s +139 close.  Spreads across the four IG asset classes since I left for block leave on August 19th tightened 3 bps to 30.25 vs. 33.25. Looking at the 19 major industry sectors, spreads tightened 4.32 bps to an average 36.63 versus 40.95 bps off their post-Crisis lows also since August 19th. 

Finally, what are YOUR thoughts and number for next week’s IG new issue volume? 

 Many thanks in advance and best wishes for a great weekend! –Ron”

……..……and here are their formidable responses:

(This section available exclusively to QC distribution list recipients)



This Week’s IG New Issues and Where They’re Trading


Taking a look at the secondary trading performance of this week’s IG and SSA new issues, of the XX deals that printed, 48 tightened versus NIP for a 60.75% improvement rate while only 15 widened (19.00%) and 16 were trading flat (20.25%).

Issues are listed from the most recent pricings at the top working back to Monday at the bottom.  Thanks! –RQ


Issuer Ratings Coupon Maturity Size IPTs GUIDANCE LAUNCH PRICED TRADING
Bemis Company Inc. Baa2/BBB 3.10% 9/16/2026 300 +175a +155a (+/-5) +150 +150 145/143
BMW US Capital LLC A2/A+ FRN 9/13/2019 250 3mL+equiv 3mL+equiv 3mL+41 3mL+41 3mL+41/40
BMW US Capital LLC A2/A+ 1.45% 9/13/2019 500 +70a +65a (+/-5) +60 +60 59/57
BMW US Capital LLC A2/A+ 1.85% 9/15/2021 750 +80a +75a (+/-5) +70 +70 70/68
BMW US Capital LLC A2/A+ 2.25% 9/15/2023 750 +95a +90a (+/-5) +85 +85 84/82
BOC Aviation Ltd. BBB+/A- 2.375% 9/15/2021 500 +165a +135-140 +135 +135 130/128
Capital One NA /
McLean, VA
Baa1/A- FRN 9/13/2019 300 3mL+equiv 3mL+equiv 3mL+76.5 3mL+76.5 3mL+74/72
Capital One NA /
McLean, VA
Baa1/A- 1.85% 9/13/2019 1,250 +110a +95-100 +95 +95 94/92
Capital One NA /
McLean, VA
Baa1/A- 2.25% 9/13/2021 1,000 +120-125 +110-115 +110 +110 109/107
Cox Communications Inc. Baa2/BBB 3.35% 9/15/2026 1,000 +low 200s
+187.5 (+/-12.5) +175 +175 170/168
Entergy Mississippi, Inc. A3/A 4.90% 50NC5 260 N/A 4.95%a 4.90% $25 FMBs $24.98/95
GATX Corporation Baa2/BBB 3.25% 9/15/2026 350 +187.5 +175a (+/3) +172 +172 169/166
Met Life Global Funding I Aa3/AA- FRN 9/14/2018 350 3mL+equiv 3mL+equiv 3mL+34 3mL+34 3mL+34/32
Met Life Global Funding I Aa3/AA- 1.35% 9/14/2018 550 +70a +60 the # +60 +60 60/58
Met Life Global Funding I Aa3/AA- 1.55% 9/13/2019 350 +75-80 +70 the # +70 +70 70/67
Met Life Global Funding I Aa3/AA- 1.95% 9/15/2021 750 +90a +80 the # +80 +80 80/77
Southern Co. Gas Corp. Baa1/A- 2.45% 10/01/2023 350 +135a +105a (+/-5) +100 +100 96/94
Southern Co. Gas. Corp. Baa1/A- 3.95% 10/01/2046 550 +185-190 +170a (+/-5) +165 +165 160/157
Toronto Dominion Bank A2/A- 3.625% 15NC10 1,500 REV. IPTS +225a
+210 (+/-5) +205 +205 197/194
Woodside Finance Ltd. Baa1/BBB+ 3.70% 9/15/2026 800 REV IPTs: +237.5a
+215a (+/-5) +210 +210 207/203
Associated Banc-Corp. Baa3/BB 5.375% PerpNC5 100 N/A 5.50%a 5.375% $25 Pfd $25.30/.25
California Institute of Technology (px’d 9/07) Aa2/AA- 4.283% 9/01/2116 150 +210a vs OLB N/A N/A +205 +202/
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Baa1/BBB+ 2.55% 9/15/2026 400 +125a +110a (+/-5) +105 +105 102/99
Mizuho Financial Group A1/A- FRN 9/13/2021 1,250 3mL+equiv 3mL+equiv 3mL+114 3mL+114 3mL+113/111
Mizuho Financial Group A1/A- 2.273% 9/13/2021 1,000 +135a +120a (+/-5) +115 +115 118/116
Mizuho Financial Group A1/A- 2.839% 9/13/2026 1,000 +150a +135a (+/-5) +130 +130 127/125
Nationwide Bldg. Society Baa1/A- 4.00% 9/14/2026 1,250 +275a +255a (+/-5) +250 +250 240/235
New York Life Glbl. Fdg. Aaa/AA+ 1.25% 9/14/2021 750 + low 70s
+65a (+/-3) +62 +62 62/60
Nissan Motor Acceptance A3/A- FRN 9/13/2019 500 3mL+equiv 3mL +equiv 3mL+52 3mL+52 3mL+53/51
Nissan Motor Acceptance A3/A- 1.55% 9/13/2019 500 +95-100 +73a (+/-3) +70 +70 71/68
Nissan Motor Acceptance A3/A- 1.90% 9/14/2021 500 +105-110 +85a (+/-3) +82 +82 82/80
Nonghyup Bank A1/A+ 1.875% 9/12/2021 500 +100a N/A N/A +85 83/82
Protective Life Glbl. Fdg. A2/AA- 1.555% 9/13/2019 350 +85a +72a (+/-2) +70 +70 70/68
Protective Life Glbl. Fdg. A2/AA- 1.999% 9/14/2021 300 +high 90s
+90a (+/-2) +88 +88 88/86
PSE&G Co. Aa3/A 2.25% 9/15/2026 425 + low 90s
+75-80 +75 +75 72/70
Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc BBB-/BBB+ 3.875% 9/12/2023 2,650 +275a +255a (+/-5) +250 +250 247/246
Shell International Finance Aa2/A FRN 9/12/2019 500 3mL+equiv 3mL+equiv 3mL+35 3mL+35 3mL+34/31
Shell International Finance Aa2/A 1.375% 9/12/2019 1,000 +70a +55a (+/-2) +53 +53 55/53
Shell International Finance Aa2/A 1.80% 9/12/2021 1,000 +85a +75a (+/-5) +70 +70 70/68
Shell International Finance Aa2/A 2.50% 9/12/2026 1,000 +125a +110a (+/-2) +108 +108 106/104
Shell International Finance Aa2/A 3.75% 9/12/2046 1,250 +175a +160a (+/-5) +155 +155 154/151
TJX Companies Inc. A2/A+ 2.25% 9/15/2026 1,000 +87.5 +80a (+/-2) +80 +80 78/76
Valero Energy Corp. Baa2/BBB 3.40% 9/15/2026 1,250 +200a +190 the # +190 +190 189/186
W.P. Carey Inc. Baa2/BBB 4.25% 10/01/2026 350 +300a +280a (+/-5) +275 +275 260/255
Dexia Credit Local Aa3/AA 1.875% 9/15/2021 1,250 MS +79a MS +80a MS +79 +80.45 77/75
Export Dev. Bank of Canada Aaa/AAA 1.00% 9/13/2019 1,000 MS +3a RG: MS +2a
MS +3a
MS +1 +19.35 18/16.5
IADB Aaa/AAA 1.25% 9/14/2021 2,100 MS +23a MS +23a MS +22 +23.1 21.5/19.5
Instituto de Credito Oficial Baa2/BBB+ 1.625% 9/14/2018 500 MS +70a MS +65-70 MS +65 +90.1 83/80
Kommuninvest Aaa/AAA 1.125% 9/17/2019 1,250 MS +15a MS +14a MS +14 +32.05 31/29
Asian Development Bank
(tap) New total: $1,000mm
Aaa/AAA FRN 6/16/2021 3mL+19a 3mL+19a N/A 3mL+19 3mL+19 3mL+19/17
American Honda Finance A1/A+ FRN 9/09/2021 250 3mL+equiv 3mL+equiv 3mL+61 3mL+61 3mL+59/57
American Honda Finance A1/A+ 1.70% 9/09/2021 1,000 +75-80 +65a (+/-2) +63 +63 63/61
American Honda Finance A1/A+ 2.30% 9/09/2026 500 +100a +80 the # +80 +80 76/74
BNZ International Fdg. Ltd. Aa3/AA- FRN 9/14/2021 250 3mL+equiv 3mL+equiv 3mL+98 3mL+98 3mL+94/93
BNZ International Fdg. Ltd. Aa3/AA- 2.10% 9/14/2021 600 +120a +105a (+/-5) +100 +100 100/98
Cabot Corp. Baa2/BBB 3.40% 9/15/2026 250 +low 200s
+190a (+/-2.5) +187.5 +187.5 174/172
Duke Energy Florida A1/A 3.40% 10/01/2046 600 +130a +120 the # +120 +120 119/117
Home Depot A2/A 2.125% 9/15/2026 1,000 +90a +75a (+/-5) +70 +70 71/69
Home Depot A2/A 3.50% 9/15/2056 1,000 +160-165 +140a (+/-5) +135 +135 132/129
John Deere Capital Corp. A2/A FRN 10/09/2019 250 3mL+equiv 3mL+equiv 3mL+28.5 3mL+28.5 3mL+28/27
John Deere Capital Corp. A2/A 1.25% 10/09/2019 500 +60a +50a (+/-3) +47 +47 49/47
KeyCorp Baa3/BB+ 5.00% PerpNC10 525 5.125%a 5.00%a (+/-10) 5.00% 3mL+360.6 3mL+342/337
Korea Development Bank Aa2/AA 1.375% 9/12/2019 500 +low 70s
+60a (+/-2.5) +57.5 +57.5 54/52
Korea Development Bank Aa2/AA 2.00% 9/12/2026 500 +low 70s
+55-60 +55 +55 56/54
Magellan Midstream Part. Baa1/BBB+ 4.25% 9/15/2046 500 +235-240 +215a (+/-5) +210 +210 200/197
Mitsubishi UFJ Finc’l. Grp. A1/A FRN 9/13/2021 1,000 3mL+equiv 3mL+equiv 3mL+106 3mL+106 3mL+104/
Mitsubishi UFJ Finc’l. Grp. A1/A 2.19% 9/13/2021 1,500 +120-125 +110a (+/-2) +108 +108 111/108
Mitsubishi UFJ Finc’l. Grp.
(Green Bond)
A1/A 2.527% 9/13/2023 500 +130a +115-120 +115 +115 110/108
Mitsubishi UFJ Finc’l. Grp. A1/A 2.757% 9/13/2026 1,000 +135a +125a (+/-2) +123 +123 124/122
Pricoa Global Funding I AA-/A+ 1.45% 9/13/2019 350 +75-80 +60-63 +60 +60 59/58
SEB Aa3/AA- FRN 9/13/2019 500 3mL+equiv 3mL+equiv 3mL+57 3mL+57 3mL+57/55
SEB Aa3/AA- 1.50% 9/13/2019 1,000 +low 80s
+75 the # +75 +75 74/72
SEB Aa3/AA- 1.875% 9/13/2021 1,000 +low 90s
+85 the # +85 +85 84/82
Siemens AG A1/A+ FRN 9/13/2019 350 3mL+equiv 3mL+equiv 3mL+32 3mL+32 3mL+32/30
Siemens AG A1/A+ 1.30% 9/13/2019 1,100 +60a +50a (+/-5) +50 +50 52/50
Siemens AG A1/A+ 1.70% 9/15/2021 1,100 +70-75 +60a (+/-5) +60 +60 61/59
Siemens AG A1/A+ 2.00% 9/15/2023 750 +80a +70a (+/-5) +70 +70 71/69
Siemens AG A1/A+ 2.35% 10/15/2026 1,700 +90-95 +85a (+/-5) +85 +85 87/85
Siemens AG A1/A+ 3.30% 9/15/2046 1,000 +120a +110a (+/-5) +110 +110 112/110


Below please find my synopsis of everything Syndicate and Secondary from today’s debt capital markets, including the investment grade corporate bond data drill down as seen from my seat here in Syndicate, Sales and DCM.

Ron Quigley, Managing Director

NICs, Bid-to-Covers, Tenors and Sizes


Here’s this week’s day-by-day re-cap of key primary market driver averages for IG Corporates followed by this week’s and the prior three week’s averages:

WEEK 8/29
WEEK 8/22
WEEK 8/15
New Issue Concessions Labor Day 2.00 bps 0.55 bps 1.06 bps N/A 1.30 bps 5.47 bps 1.86 bps <4.18> bps
Oversubscription Rates Labor Day 3.20x 2.99x 3.53x N/A 3.23x 2.18x 3.73x 4.40x
Tenors Labor Day 9.59 yrs 11.33 yrs 6.90 yrs N/A 9.42 yrs 4.47 yrs 8.94 yrs 11.43 yrs
Tranche Sizes Labor Day $727mm $791mm $621mm N/A $719mm $820mm $661mm $697mm



Lipper Report/Fund Flows – Week ending September 7th


  • For the week ended September 1st, Lipper U.S. Fund Flows reported an inflow of $2.804b into Corporate Investment Grade Funds (2016 YTD net inflow of $32.901b) and a net inflow of $610.273m from High Yield Funds (2016 YTD net inflow of $10.160b).
  • Over the same period, Lipper reported a net inflow of $318.421m from Loan Participation Funds (2016 YTD net outflow of $4.426b).
  • Emerging Market debt funds reported a net inflow of $51.481mm (2016 YTD inflow of $5.724b).



New Issue Volume


Index Open Current Change
IG26 71.652 76.072 4.42
HV26 164.025 169.835 5.81
VIX 12.51 17.50 4.99
S&P 2,181 2,127 <54>
DOW 18,479 18,085 <394>



IG Corporates




Total IG (+ SSA)

DAY: $0.00 bn DAY: $0.50 bn
WTD: $52.46 bn WTD: $59.06 bn
MTD: $52.46 bn MTD: $59.06 bn
YTD: $977.978 bn YTD: $1,240.365 bn


Economic Data Releases


Wholesale Inventories MoM July 0.1% 0.0% 0.0% —-
Wholesale Trade Sales MoM July 0.2% <0.4%> 1.9% 1.7%


Rates Trading Lab: The Pain Trade


There is a lot of pain out there. Why, you may ask, do we have a steepening curve in the face of hawkish Fed-speak? I say it is partly because the shedding of duration trumps anything that may happen on the curve. As I have said time and again, any change in either the nature or pace of monetary stimulus will first lead to a shedding of duration. After all, it would be difficult to justify adding duration in the face of either a tighter Fed or a less dovish ECB or BOJ. I’m not saying that more restrictive monetary policy will not flatten the curve. Brainard’s speech looms as a potential harbinger of a move sooner rather than later given her traditionally dovish stance. But I do know we have a lot of supply and at least some central bank rhetoric coupled with market concerns over the efficacy of continuing current monetary policy dogma. Add unwinds of risk parity trades in a very illiquid market and you have a lot of longs all heading for the exits at the same time. I will be out of the office until next Friday attending a conference. Have a nice weekend.                                                                              -Jim Levenson


UST Resistance/Support Table


CT3 CT5 CT7 CT10 CT30
RESISTANCE LEVEL 99-19 99-27 99-18 99-05+ 98-14+
RESISTANCE LEVEL 99-18 99-23+ 99-11+ 98-28 97-27+
RESISTANCE LEVEL 99-166 99-196 99-07 98-20 97-13+
SUPPORT LEVEL 99-152 99-16 99-02 98-12 96-28
SUPPORT LEVEL 99-136 99-142 98-28 98-06 96-15
SUPPORT LEVEL 99-126 99-11+ 98-23+ 98-00+ 95-22


Tomorrow’s Calendar


o   China Data: Nothing Scheduled

o   Japan Data: Machine Orders, PPI, Machine Tool Orders

o   Australia: Manpower Survey

o   EU Data: GE-Germany Fourth Quarter Manpower Employment Outlook

o   U.S. Data: Nothing Scheduled

o   Supply: U.S. 3y and 10y Note

o   Events: BoE buys 3y-7y Gilts

o   Speeches: Lockhart, Kashkari, Brainard

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*Sources: Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Bloomberg, Bond Radar, Dow Jones Newswire, IFR, Informa Global Markets, Internal Mischler, LCDNews, Market News International, Prospect News, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, S, Thomson Reuters and of course, a career of sources, contacts, movers and shakers from syndicate desks to accounts; from issuers to originators; from academicians to heads of research, and a host of financial journalists, et al.

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