Knowing the Past for the Future; The Nuclear Option; Rates Rally, Yields Compress
April 4, 2017   //   by Mischler MarCom   //   Debt Market Commentary  

Quigley’s Corner 04.03.17 Dysfunction Junction & the Nuclear Option; Mischler Debt Market Commentary


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It was November 21st , 2013 when Democrats, frustrated at GOP efforts to stall its Congressional plans under former President Barack Obama, decided to take a vote to stop debate on executive and judicial branch nominees with a simple Senate majority vote rather than having to secure 60 Senate votes.  House Majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), and his party won 52-48.  Reid & Co. set in motion a process that day that eased passage of several key Obama executive and judicial nominees by changing the rules of engagement. Politicians have LONG memories and it’s now payback time…..and guess which party doesn’t like it?  With the tables now turned, the so-called nuclear option –a simple majority – is likely to prevail under Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell to avoid a Democratic filibuster of Judge Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court. It may also be used for legislation as well.  Remember everyone, Harry Reid set the precedent.  The “nuclear option” or simple majority vote will weaken the power of the filibuster but it is officially in play now.

As a result, Treasuries rallied and the CT10yr is yielding 2.34%. That’s down 28 bps since the Monday before the FOMC rate hike on Wednesday March 15th.  It’s on its way lower, much lower so, issuers be advised to watch that. Be patient. Let the market come to you.  All this thanks to “Dysfunction Junction.”  The great divide between Republicans and Democrats is getting deeper and more disparate as threats of filibusters are inviting the GOP to employ the aforementioned “nuclear option” to their arsenal.  Republicans remember all too well Democratic hardball strategies used against them in the recent past. Political campaign promises need to be kept and not danced around.  The Dems will NEVER forget (and vice versa) and as they say pay back is going to be………a well, uh…………an issue shall I say?  What goes around, comes around but in the here and now, the nuclear option will be deployed and used to pass legislation as well.  Political dislocation will continue to rally rates and compress Treasury yields lower.  @.00% is in sight folks.  I’ll remind you when we get there.

If you are a banker advising issuers when to print, if they wait, you’ll look smarter and more brilliant than ever! If you’re an issuer, well, when you do print, if you listen to the “QC” please give us an ACTIVE Co-Manager opportunity on your next deal so we can show you what a true distribution value is all about.  You WILL only look even better and brighter than you already are.  One doesn’t get what one doesn’t ask for in life right?

The Monday session featured a continuum of “quirky” issues with the exception of Met Life Global Funding’s 5-year FA-backed notes.  Investment Grade primary markets currently have 10 items in the pipeline all of which are Yankee transactions.

Today, the IG DCM hosted 5 issuers across 5 tranches totaling $2.75b or 12.85% of this week’s IG Corporate-only midpoint syndicate forecast calling for $21.40b.

IG Primary & Secondary Market Talking Points


  • Essex Portfolio LP upsized today’s 10-year Senior Notes new issue to $350mm from $300mm at the launch and at the tightest side of guidance.
  • The average spread from IPTs and/or guidance thru the launch/final pricing of today’s 5 IG Corporate-only new issues was <20.30> bps.
  • BAML’s IG Master Index widened 2 bps to +124 vs. +122.  +106 represents the post-Crisis low dating back to July 2007.
  • Bloomberg/Barclays US IG Corporate Bond Index OAS widened 1 bp to 1.18 vs. 1.17.
  • Standard & Poor’s Investment Grade Composite Spread was unchanged at +164.  The +140 reached on July 30th 2014 represents the post-Crisis low.
  • Investment grade corporate bond trading posted a final Trace count of $19.6b on Friday versus $19.3b on Thursday and $13.8b the previous Friday.
  • The 10-DMA stands at $17.7b.


Global Market Recap


  • U.S. Treasuries – USTs built on Friday’s rally.
  • Overseas Bonds – Front end JGB’s hit. Core & semi core EU bonds had a strong day.
  • Stocks – U.S. stocks closed in the red but had a nice afternoon comeback.
  • Overseas Stocks – Japan & HS closed higher. China was closed. Europe was red.
  • Economic – ISM manufacturing dipped 0.5 points but remained very strong. Vehicle sales were weak.
  • Overseas Economic – Good Tankan in Japan & positive unemployment rates in Europe.
  • Currencies – USD outperformed the Pound, CAD & AUD and lost ground vs. the Euro & Yen.
  • Commodities – Down day for CRB, crude oil & copper while gold closed with a gain.
  • CDX IG: +0.37 to 66.70
  • CDX HY: +0.47 to 339.04
  • CDX EM: +0.83 to 213.60

*CDX levels are as of 3:30PM ET today.

-Tony Farren


Syndicate IG Corporate-only Volume Estimates for This Week and April


IG Corporate New Issuance This Week
vs. Current
WTD – $2.75b
April 2017
vs. Current
MTD – $2.75b
Low-End Avg. $20.35b 13.51% $90.25b 3.05%
Midpoint Avg. $21.40b 12.85% $91.50b 3.01%
High-End Avg. $22.44b 12.25% $92.75b 2.96%
The Low $12b 22.92% $65b 4.23%
The High $31b 8.87% $111b 2.48%


It’s a Tough Job But Somebody’s Gotta Do It

It’s not always fun writing about politics but then again, politics is driving everything in our market more than ever before and it will continue to do that.  Given the myriad global risk factors playing out in our inextricably global-linked world economy, it’s safe to say we are living in dangerous times.  For my part, all I can do is try and tell you about what’s going on in a genuinely honest, insightful and hopefully, refreshing way.  Why?  Well, if you see that we “get it” i.e. understand the machinations of global markets, and appreciate that we work every day to get fresh and informative perspectives to you,  in turn you’ll notice the distinct added-value that we provide and ideally, you will conclude that we should be appointed to the list of other formidable syndicate desks you have chosen to distribute your offerings.

We might be a minority firm, but we are NOT a “one check shop.”  Mischler has a long history in which we have earned Fortune Issuers’ mandates by demonstrating best-in-class cap mkt capabilities via a proven process and recognized platform. As the nation’s oldest Service Disabled Veteran broker-dealer, our ethos is dedicated to serving not just clients with integrity, but also in-need veteran organizations. Towards that mission, we give back 10% of our firm’s profits to veteran causes year round. When hiring for roles within the organization, we prioritize hiring service-disabled veterans and recently-returning veterans who meet our criteria. Once hired, we mentor and coach up our veteran compatriots and we integrate them into becoming members of our team because they earned the opportunity. We grow our own capital month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year. Our operations staff is second to none; it’s not just about our getting underwriter roles for Issuer deals, more important to all, it’s about settling the trade on trade date to settlement date smoothly, each and every time.  We also take great pride in sharing with clients our daily fixed income “downloads”; content that has earned Mischler the Wall Street Letter Award for Best Broker Dealer/Research for three consecutive years – 2014, 2015  and 2016.  It’s all about a value-added proposition.


Below please find my synopsis of everything Syndicate and Secondary from today’s debt capital markets, including the investment grade corporate bond data drill down as seen from my seat here in Syndicate, Sales and DCM.


Have a great evening!
Ron Quigley


NICs, Bid-to-Covers, Tenors, Sizes and Average Spread Compression from IPTs thru Launches

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Quigley’s Corner 04.03.17 Dysfunction Junction & the Nuclear Option; Mischler Debt Market Commentary