Peruzzi’s Perch 09.29.17- US Equities Markets Buttressed By Fed Coddling; Global Markets At/Near Record Highs-October Is Here.

Children are born and then coddled and fed by their parents for years until the time comes for them to face the world on their own. This is like the Fed coddling and nurturing financial markets with asset purchases and low interest rates. At the September 20th  FOMC meeting, while not raising rates, the Fed did signal that they continue to increase the pace of their balance sheet unwind. While inflation is below their 2% target rate, which perplexes them, they are planning on raising rates soon, or eventually, or someday. While some doubt the Fed will actually raise rates again this year, the market is pricing in a meager 1% chance of an October rate hike, and a more substantial 67% chance of a December rate hike. The end of cheap money will eventually come, but the recently disclosed Tax reform blueprint could give financial markets its next coddle-induced growth spurt. Tax reform details suggest a battle in Congress is on the horizon. This leads us once again to focus on macro and micro economic data as well as upcoming corporate earnings growth.

Larry Peruzzi, Managing Director

As Major League Baseball’s regular season and the third quarter comes to an end, the S&P 500 closes out September with its 6th straight monthly gain. This is the first time the S&P closed positive in the month of September since 2013, with leading sectors being: Techs, Energy and Industrials. The U.S dollar is closing out its best week of the year; Asian markets closed out a strong quarter with the MSCI Asia Pac index posting its 9th straight monthly gain. WTI crude, while pulling back the last few sessions, will close out Q3 up about 10%. U.K data on Friday showed the savings rate increased more than expected while wages grew faster than prices for first time in a year. We will be watching to see if this is a one month outlier or if a trend is developing. Deutsche Bank’s rating was cut by Fitch on a lack of revenue recovery. Volkswagen announced a $3billion charge related to the buy back or retrofit of tainted U.S. diesel cars.  Also, this week we saw a pullback in August U.S new home sales as well as pending sales; better durable and Cap goods orders and personal income and spending was mostly in line. The core PCE deflator slowed to 1.3% in August, while Euro area core inflation fell .1% to 1.1% in September.

U.K. PM May will give the keynote speech at next week’s Conservative Party’s annual conference and Janet Yellen will give opening remarks at a community banking conference in St. Louis on Wednesday. September ISM data is due on Monday, ADP employment change on Wednesday, August trade balance, factory and durable goods orders on Thursday. “Here we go again” as the Spanish region of Catalonia will attempt to stage a separatist referendum on Sunday. The most-watched release will be September U.S payroll due on Friday. Payrolls are expected to show that we added the fewest workers in six months (88K estimates) as hurricanes Harvey and Irma put a temporary halt to hiring in parts of the southeast. 3Q earnings will begin in 2 weeks, but we are expecting earnings from PepsiCo Inc., Monsanto Co., Tesco Plc, Paychex Inc., Lennar Corp. and Costco Wholesale Corp next week.

Nobel prizes will be awarded through the week. Equifax ex CEO will be questioned at a U.S House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing on Tuesday. Asian market volume will be light next week as China, Taiwan and Korea observe autumn festivals. North Korea has been quiet recently, and that’s a welcomed change.

Most global markets are at or are near all-time highs and the VIX index once again is near its lows at 9.61. So, while the FED would very much like its child to go out and confront the world on its own, recent data and September payrolls may warrant some form of continued coddling. The coming few weeks of economic data, tax reform and earnings should give us clarity as to when the Fed can raise rates and turn that bedroom into a den. Recent trading volumes suggests traders are currently not sure. Looking back at the S&P 500 return the last four Octobers: October 2016 -1.94%, October 2015 +8.3%, October 2014 +2.32%, and October 2013 +4.46%.  We can see that October is a month that investors do not want to sit idle on the sidelines. October is a month to pick apples, watch the leaves turn, watch football and watch the market.


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