Money Market Funds

Mischler Financial Group has developed The American Freedom Funds through a relationship with a SEC Registered U.S. Government money market fund, designed for money market float needs. The Fund is designed to meet the short-term investment needs of Mischler clients by providing a money market fund investing in high quality money market securities offering daily liquidity and a AAA rating. The Fund’s investment objective is to maintain a stable net asset value of $1.00 per share.

In addition, through partnerships with the financial industry’s leading fund management platforms, Mischler offers a discrete menu of ESG-centric money market funds for corporate treasury clients, asset managers and public pension executives to further advance their cash management objectives Enivornmental, Social and Governance investment mandates.

To complement the menu of short-term cash management needs available to Mischler clients and customers, we provide bespoke guidance for short-term fixed income and global liquidity solutions courtesy of Mischler’s senior cash management solutions group, whose product knowledge and fluency are powered by a combined 75 years of cash market sector experience. Our team leaders have led cash management solution groups for the largest investment banks in the industry.