Our Mission: To preserve and protect the interests of those that we serve.

In an era in which the stability of financial markets is ever-more uncertain, where the ability to efficiently source investment products is increasingly complex, and where the phrase "trusted fiduciary" is too-often taken for granted, Mischler Financial stands apart.

We are guided by the principles indoctrinated in us while serving in leadership roles for the world's greatest military power, the United States of America. We are unequaled in our command of the financial market terrains in which we operate, and unmatched in our sense of duty, discipline, integrity, and honor.. in every undertaking. We leave no client behind.

Our Firm

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Established in 1994, Mischler Financial Group is the financial industry’s oldest minority brokerdealer owned and operated by Service-Disabled Veterans and a federally-certified Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SDVBE).

We serve leading institutional investment managers, corporate treasurers, public plan sponsors, endowments and foundations by providing direct access to global equities and fixed income markets, new issue underwriting and syndication within the US Equity and Debt capital markets, and asset management for liquid and alternative investment strategies.

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Our Services

Fixed Income |Debt Capital Markets

Mischler is an active underwriter within the US Corporate, US Treasury/Agency, Municipal, Money Market, Mortgage and Structured Product markets. Since 2016 alone, Mischler’s debt capital markets desk has played a role in more than 600 fixed income underwritings. We provide secondary market trading liquidity across multiple products and on a daily basis, we deliver widely-acclaimed debt capital markets commentary.

Domestic & Global Equities

In addition to our role providing primary capital markets services, Mischler’s 24/6 trading platform delivers conflict-free, agency-only best execution for US and International Equities, program and algorithmic strategies, and corporate share repurchase (10b-18) programs. Clients benefit from expert high-touch oversight and robust trading technologies, including CSA and transaction cost analysis.

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