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The Mischler Financial Group Thesis:

Technology is all around us. It is integrated into our daily lives and has become the great equalizer in bringing ideas and content to life without the financial or physical capital once required.  We live in a world where information efficiency is key to our ability to compete and create value for our clients or constituents whom we serve.

Developed under the leadership of Mischler Financial Group Director and military veteran Jason Klinghoffer, CFA (USMC ’98-’04), the MaxQ Qloud Analytics platform* was created with the knowledge that most fixed income portfolio managers do not have a singular task to accomplish, but instead, FI PMs are required to serve a complex and dynamic function in a constantly changing market environment. Much like a portfolio manager, MaxQ does not have a single focus. It has been designed to create information and reporting efficiency across many areas to reflect and to express the complexities and intricacies of portfolio management.

Unlike most analytical products that focus on one area of expertise, MaxQ lives in a truly customizable world where the solutions created arise from direct informational inefficiencies that currently exist. These inefficiencies are often due to the sheer number of separate solutions required and/or the high financial costs to obtain those solutions.

MaxQ Analytics is an online, model-based system, containing many different models with several different areas of focus. Each model can be customized to a client’s needs and is available on demand, 24 hours a day via the convenience of your web browser on your desktop or mobile device.  Because MaxQ is model driven, our clientele is provided with direct, high-touch access to the MaxQ team to assess their unique needs and customized model solutions as needed.

The power of customized solutions across a broad spectrum of content makes the MaxQ Analytics platform a must-have among fixed income portfolio managers. The MaxQ library of models is constantly expanding and will see many more additions, providing solutions based on direct input from our clients as our user base expands.

For more information or questions related to the MaxQ Platform and what it can do for you, please contact:

Jason Klinghoffer, CFA
Tel: 949.720.0640
email: jklinghoffer@mischlerfinancial.com


*MaxQ Qloud Analytics is a product of MaxQ Analytics, LLC, an entity independent of Mischler Financial Group.

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