Cash Management
Mischler Financial Group, Inc (MFG) offers a cash management program which allows governmental entities and corporate treasury executives the opportunity to maximize earnings on all available operating cash while maintaining compliance with State and Local investment policies and guidelines. The governmental entity’s investment program remains under the complete control of the finance office, yet the timeliness of investment executions usually results in more time for the finance office to devote to other priority projects. Some of the main highlights of the program include:
  • Review and analysis of the government’s existing investment policy and procedures,
  • Development of an ongoing cash flow plan,
  • Development of an integrated fixed income strategy either to “ladder” a portfolio, to meet specific cash flow needs, and/or to one that takes advantage of yield curve gains, if cash flows permit,
  • Periodic reports provided to the governmental entity’s finance office, including a summary of the projected cash flow schedule and related investment maturities.