24/6 U.S. Domestic & International Equities 

High-Tech + High-Touch = HT2 SM

A Formula for a Truly  Better Client Experience

Many clients depend on Mischler Financial Group to meet their respective diversity mandates, as well as outsourced trading desk services. All of our clients rely on our mandate: to leverage highly-robust trading system technologies and decades of trading market experience to secure conflict-free, better execution.

In addition to our holistic approach to facilitating corporate share repurchase programs, Mischler “better ex” competencies extend from US-listed stocks and ETPs to upwards of 100 International markets across the Americas, Europe, Asia/Pac-Rim and Middle East/Africa.

Capturing actionable liquidity for program-centric, algo-based, ‘hard-to-execute’ blocks, or seamlessly facilitating 10b-18 and 10b5-1 programs in today’s highly-fragmented market ecosystem can prove elusive for even the most skilled traders. This is why Mischler’s solution for equities execution is the preferred choice for many of the Industry’s most demanding investment managers, Fortune treasurers and public plan sponsors.

We call our solution HT2 SMa formula that utilizes 2 primary ingredients that apply to all orders, regardless of venue or time zone. Our technique is holistic; we combine the same caliber of “high-tech” trading tools used by the world’s leading banks and dealers with bespoke, “high-touch” best practices, including 24/6 trade desk support staffed by our in-house team of equities market veterans.

Carefully Scrutinized and Objectively Relayed Market Color


Discretely-Navigate Liquidity Pools to Capture Best Available Prices


Nominal Impact l Minimal Slippage l Preserved Anonymity

  • Robust Trading System Technology: FIX-Connectivity/Straight-Thru-Processing, Full Suite of Algorithms (including 10b-18 and 10b5-1 programs)
  • Direct Routing to 100+ US & Intl Exchanges, Dark Pools and ECNs
  • Program & Basket Trades; Transition Management, Portfolio Re-Balance
  • ADR Create/Cancel
  • Outsourced Trading Desk Services
  • Pre & Post TCA Reporting; Commission Sharing & Commission Capture Agreement(s)
  • Bloomberg LP SSEOMS
  • Instinet Newport3 EMS
  • Omgeo ALERT and OASYS
  • High-Touch Order Handling – 24/6
  • Market Intel / Strategy Implementation
  • Order Monitoring by Highly-Seasoned, Industry-Veteran Traders
  • Bridge to capital-centric OTC Liquidity Providers


US domestic equities trades cleared on a fully-disclosed basis via Bank of America Merrill Lynch Broadcort®.

International Equities trades cleared via Cowen Group.

 Primary Debt Capital Markets

1000+Offerings | 230+ Issuers | $2 Trillion+ 

Investment Grade | High Yield Corporate

Municipal Debt | Agency Debt | Structured Products


Primary & Secondary Equity Capital Markets

230+ Initial Public Offerings

 175+ Follow-on Offerings (115 Issuers)

Better Execution

10b-18 | 10b5-1 Broker Rotation Schedules

US Equities | ETFs | International Equities



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