Fixed Income Sales & Trading

Mischler Financial Group’s team of seasoned fixed income market veterans provides institutional investment managers and corporate treasury executives with decades of trading market insight and experience navigating the spectrum of fixed income and rates trading markets.

Clients look to Mischler’s fixed income sales & trading desk to provide actionable liquidity across a full menu of fixed income products; value-added, alpha-generating trading strategies; insightful, real-time market commentary and best-possible execution.

Institutional asset managers, state and local public pensions, corporate and bank treasuries, official institutions and a discrete universe of hedge funds rely on Mischler to objective trading strategy insight for each of the following product categories:


-U.S. Treasury Securities: Bills, Notes, Bonds, STRIPS and TIPS

-Agency Securities: Bullets, Discount Notes, Callables  and  FRN’s

-Money Markets: T-Bills, GSE Discount Notes, Yankee CD’s, Commercial Paper, BA’s.


Mortgage-Backed Securities


-Specified pools



Corporate Bonds

-Investment Grade

-High Yield

Municipal Bonds

-Revenue Bonds

-General Obligations


 Primary Debt Capital Markets

1000+Offerings | 230+ Issuers | $2 Trillion+ 

Investment Grade | High Yield Corporate

Municipal Debt | Agency Debt | Structured Products


Primary & Secondary Equity Capital Markets

230+ Initial Public Offerings

 175+ Follow-on Offerings (115 Issuers)

Better Execution

10b-18 | 10b5-1 Broker Rotation Schedules

US Equities | ETFs | International Equities



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