“..If You’re Not Moving Forward, You’re Moving Backward..”

Mischler Financial Group, Inc. (“Mischler”) is positioned as a boutique investment bank and agency-only institutional brokerage.  A fully-certified minority broker-dealer, we were the first FINRA member to be designated as a Service-Disabled-Veteran-Business Enterprise (SDVBE).  Today, Mischler is recognized for its role as a leading capital markets boutique operating within the financial market ecosystem. We maintain offices in 8 major cities and we are staffed by more than 50 securities industry veterans.

Mischler provides primary debt and equity capital markets underwriting (DCM and ECM) and agency-only, “better execution” across the secondary markets for global equities and fixed income securities. Our capital markets team serves Fortune corporate treasurers in the course of their issuing and placing new debt and equity offerings, and our secondary market execution teams are enlisted by corporate treasurers to execute corporate share repurchase aka 10b-18 and 10b5-1 programs, as well as working with the most demanding investment managers in the course of implementing equities and fixed income investment strategies.. Further, Mischler provides cash management for government entities and corporations and asset management programs for liquid and alternative investment strategies.

Founder & now Chairman Emeritus Walter Mischler, our CEO Dean Chamberlain, as well as our other senior team members, are seasoned Wall Street veterans. Each of our team leaders have previously held executive roles at the industry’s most-recognized investment banks/brokerages. Our leaders and many of our staff are certified service-disabled veterans who served with distinction prior to their now, long-standing Wall Street careers.

In view of both Mischler’s capital markets pedigree and diversity certification, we are uniquely-positioned to address the needs of Fortune corporate treasurers, public plan sponsors, municipal debt issuers and institutional investment managers who require the capabilities typical to Tier 1 investment banks; the quality of personal service typical to a true boutique; and the need to comply with respective ESG and Diversity & Inclusion goals and mandates.

During the past two years alone, working as a complement to Fortune issuers’ lead investment banks, Mischler has managed, co-managed and/or served as an integral selling group member for more than 600 capital market transactions, representing approximately $600bil in primary Debt and Equity Capital Market underwritings.

Working as a fiduciary, we aim to surpass client needs by providing granular trading market insight, thoughtful capital markets analysis, investment banking services and financial product fluency. On a transactional basis, we secure better execution by leveraging advanced trading system technologies and long-established, high-touch relationships throughout the sell-side ecosystem.

We take exceptional pride for being recognized as a fully-accredited, Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SDVBE) by the U.S. Department of General Services Office of Small Business Certification and Resources; the California State Treasurer’s Office; New York State Office of General Services, and various other state agencies throughout the United States. Through this designation, one that our founders literally fought with their lives to earn, we offer unique capabilities for public corporations, asset managers, government agencies, insurance enterprises, investment fund management platforms and non-profits to fulfill their regulatory requirements, D&I mandates and fiduciary obligations, including those intended to honor and support service-disabled veterans who seek to achieve the American Dream.