Debt Capital Markets / Fixed Income Capabilities

Our debt capital market expertise, inclusive of Debt Origination, Distribution, Primary Market Access and Secondary Market trading across the full spectrum of fixed income markets is courtesy of our 18-member team of debt market veterans. The pedigree and proven capabilities of our debt capital market team members make MFG’s Fixed Income Group a compelling partner to Fortune Issuer corporate treasurers and the world’s leading institutional investors.

To illustrate our presence within the Primary Debt Capital Markets (DCM) space: since 2016 alone, Mischler has led, co-managed and/or served as selling group member for more than 650 transactions, representing $600bil (notional value) in new debt and preferred shares issued by 100+ Fortune corporations, as well as debt issued by various municipalities and US Government agencies.

We provide institutional investment manager clients with expert guidance and the most pertinent market information within the context of your investment strategy so that you can better manage your portfolio. By leveraging both our market and product knowledge, we can identify new issue opportunities, pricing inefficiencies that might exist in the secondary trading markets, and we can ensure that clients benefit from the most competitive pricing on every transaction.

Mischler Financial Group holds no risk positions and no unwanted inventory of securities, which preserves the integrity of our capital and assures our clients that we will be able to obtain bids and offers for them regardless of adverse market conditions.

New Issue Securities

Through our role as a lead or co-lead manager of new offerings, and through our DCM presence, Mischler Financial Group has access to the full universe of Corporate,  US Government, US Agency, Sovereign, State, and Municipal New Debt Issue offerings.  We are particularly active in the Federal Home Loan Board, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, the Federal National Mortgage Association and the Federal Farm Credit Bureau markets.  In addition, Mischler Financial Group offers its clients access to secondary market trading for each of the following fixed income products:

  • Treasuries / Agencies Securities
  • Corporate Securities – Investment Grade, High Yield
  • Municipal Securities – Taxable, Tax Exempt
  • Money Market Instruments – Discount Notes, CD’s, Commercial Paper, Treasury Bills
  • Residential and Commercial Mortgages – Agency and Private Label
  • Structured Products – Consumer & Esoteric ABS, SBA, etc