In one way or another, each of us has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us have family members, friends or neighbors who have contracted COVID-19, and we know others who are facing severe economic uncertainty. And, we are all tuned in to how/where Covid-19 Community Assistance Programs are proving to be a life-line to so many.

One of the most stark examples of how our nation has been affected by this global pandemic is visible in so many cities and towns, where tens of thousands of people, who only weeks ago were self-supporting, are now lining up to access food banks and ‘soup kitchens’ to secure food to feed themselves and their families. You don’t need to have watched a recent episode of “60-Minutes” to know these “depression-era scenes” are playing out in even the most resourced communities.

At Mischler, we believe that those of us who have been fortunate enough to remain healthy and have sufficient resources, have both a moral and ethical obligation to to help others who are in need. On a personal level, we’re making philanthropic donations to national or local initiatives and/or volunteering within our communities to provide help to neighbors who are self-quarantined or unable to secure necessary supplies.

As the financial industry’s oldest investment bank owned and operated by Service-Disabled Veterans (now observing our 25th anniversary) and a firm that works with the country’s largest corporations and investment managers as they navigate the financial markets, we all know that we can always do more to help those in need.

giving-back-mischler-covid19-crisis-new-covenant-center-may 2020

New Covenant Center Food Bank

In that spirit, and thanks to opportunities presented to us by clients and customers across the capital markets the dedication of Mischler’s capital markets team, sales/trading teams and our ops team, we are now working with Stamford-based New Covenant Center (“NCCenter”), a facility that like so many other food banks and soup kitchens across the nation, has been overwhelmed.

NCCenter is the only food bank/soup kitchen within a 17 mile stretch between Norwalk CT and Purchase NY. At this time last year, they served a total of 150 meals per day. Today, this all-faith program is serving 250 lunches and dinners to daily guests within the facility and a total of 500-700 daily meals to their guests AND clients of other, area non-profits

Effective immediately, Mischler will underwrite NCCenter preparation and delivery of 10,000 meals to vulnerable homeless, elderly, disabled, working poor and children who reside in or near our Stamford CT co-HQ.

We all know that we can do even more. And we are. Because New Covenant Center is powered by selfless volunteers who work tirelessly to prepare and serve hundreds of people every day, this coming Memorial Day, a 5-member squad from Team Mischler’s Stamford CT office (including select family members) will have boots on the ground at NCCenter to assemble meal kits at the facility’s kitchen. Other members of our Stamford ‘family’ will be preparing and packaging meals from our own kitchens and delivering them to the NCCenter.

For more information about the New Covenant Center, click image below.