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Mischler Salutes OC County Veterans Outpost and Rescue Mission

June 30-2021: CEO Dean Chamberlain, accompanied by Mischler President & CFO Dolye Holmes, along with a “special battalion” from Team Mischler delivering Mischler’s Memorial Day Month Pledge check after spending the day volunteering at OC County Tustin Veterans Outpost & Rescue Mission.

Noted Dean, “There have been few instances throughout the past many years when we’ve put boots on the ground to support philanthropic missions that have been as humbling and inspiring as our day at the Tustin Outpost. This truly special day for Team Mischler will make this upcoming July 4th holiday that much more meaningful for so many of us”


mischler-oc-county tustin veterans outpost

CEO Dean Chamberlain (3rd from right), surrounded by Team Mischler Members)