Stamford, CT and Newport Beach, CA, November 6, 2019–Veterans Day is observed by Americans each year on November 11, the day that is dedicated to honoring and extending our gratitude to the millions of men and women who have served within the US military. At Mischler Financial Group (“Mischler”) , the financial industry’s oldest investment bank and institutional brokerage owned and operated by service-disabled veterans, Veterans Day is observed every day, and each November Mischler pledges a percentage of the entire month’s profits to carefully-vetted charitable organizations that support veterans and their families, as well as to philanthropies that are focused on enabling students in under-resourced urban areas with tools they can use to positively impact the communities they live in.

To honor Veterans Day Month 2019, Mischler has therefore made this year’s financial pledge to both The Stephen A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Veterans Village in San Diego, CA and to

Dean Chamberlain, CEO of Mischler, stated “As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, the Mischler ethos remains devoted to giving back by paying forward. The Cohen Veteran Network local healthcare venues such as the one in San Diego, and are exactly the type of initiatives that align with our view towards underwriting long-term investments that will deliver out-sized returns for those having the greatest needs. We thank our clients and customers for affording us this opportunity to help others.”

About Cohen Veteran Network / Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics

steven a. cohen military family clinic veterans village san diego-mischler 2019 veterans day month pledgeEstablished in 2016 by philanthropist Steven Cohen and inspired by his son, a former U.S. Marine who served in Afghanistan, the Cohen Veterans Network is a not-for-profit organization that serves post-9/11 veterans and their families through a nationwide system of free mental health clinics. In addition to comprehensive mental health care and treatment programs that are available to veterans and their families free of charge, Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics also provide housing services, employment training programs, and rehabilitation services at no cost to eligible veterans and their families. To learn more about the Cohen Veteran Network and the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Veterans Village, San Diego, visit their website.

About (501c3) Statement: To break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service-learning programs in many of America’s most under-resourced high schools. is dedicated to engaging and training high school students in the country’s most challenging urban areas by providing those student leaders with the tools to proactively advance programs that can better the quality of life for members of their communities who are in need. To learn more, visit the website.


About Mischler

Established in 1994, Mischler is the financial industry’s oldest diversity-certified broker-dealer owned and operated by service-disabled veterans. Best known by Fortune corporate treasurers, public pension sponsors, municipal issuers and the industry’s leading institutional investment managers for “punching above its weight class” when delivering primary and secondary capital markets underwriting and execution services across a full menu of equity and fixed income products. Mischler is equally-recognized for the firm’s year-round advocacy and support of veteran-centric causes. In addition to primary debt and equity market underwriting and conflict-free secondary market execution, Mischler administers corporate share repurchase programs for leading Fortune companies, cash management for government entities and corporations, and asset management programs for liquid and alternative investment strategies.

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