As we approach Memorial Day 2020, we are reminded of the more than 600,000 men and women in military uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice during conflicts and wars since WWI in order to preserve and protect our freedom and our great country.

Though Memorial Day commemorates and pays tribute to members of the US military who gave their lives to defend our way of life, we are now waging another war. This one is against an invisible enemy known as COVID-19, and one that has killed tens of thousands of Americans among nearly 360,000 world-wide, all within a few short months. This war is not over and there will likely be many more casualties.

On this Memorial Day, we reflect not only on those lost in the course of defending democracy and the American way of life, we also give heartfelt thought to the thousands of health care professionals, emergency responders and care-givers who, like any US soldier does when entering combat, put themselves in harm’s way and lost their lives to COVID-19 while working to ensure and protect the health and safety of us all.

As the nation’s oldest investment bank owned and operated by Service-Disabled Veterans, the members of our team are well-acquainted with the concept of putting the interests and well-being of others ahead of our own. We each made this commitment throughout our military careers.

In our current roles, from our capital markets desk to our various trading desks to our back office squadron, we make this commitment every day to major corporations, federal agencies, state and local governments, and to the tens of dozens of institutional fund managers who trust us to navigate financial markets on their behalf.

We are profoundly grateful to be relied upon for our skills and capabilities, and for the opportunities to be of service to corporate leaders and fiduciaries who work to preserve the interests of their many stakeholders, and the hundreds of billions of dollars of investment assets they are charged with managing to the best of their ability.

We are even more thankful that we can express our gratitude by sharing the fruits of our labor with those who are less fortunate and those who truly deserve a helping hand.

God Bless America.

Dean Chamberlain (SDV), CEO & Principal

Doyle Holmes, President & Chief Operating Officer

On behalf of one of the financial industry’s greatest fighting teams, we pay tribute.

mischler financial memorial day 2020 message

Team Mischler

Paying Tribute To Those Who Put Themselves in Harm’s Way