For each of the past 19 years, The Bond Buyer, the municipal finance industry’s leading publication has selected 10
“Deals of the Year”, five of which  based on geographical region and five based on other categories/themes. Of the ten municipal debt offerings issued in 2020, Mischler Financial Group is honored to have served as co-manager on two of those transactions, and as a selling group member for a third. The National Deal of the Year will be announced on December 16 at a virtual event hosted by The Bond Buyer

Category: ESG/Green Financing | Role: Co-Manager

The Ford Foundation’s $1 billion issuance of taxable social bonds is the winner in the ESG/Green financing category. The transaction represented the first-ever social bond offering by a United States nonprofit foundation in the taxable corporate bond market and led the way for numerous other nonprofit foundations to follow suit.

Category: Far West Region | Role: Co-Manager 

California Department of Housing and Community Development is the winner in the Far West. This $450m offering was the second issuance under the $1 billion “No Place Like Home” program, the municipal market’s first large bonding program created to invest in homeless housing infrastructure and secured directly by taxes on high-income residences.

Category: Northeast Region | Role: Selling Group Member

Mischler was a Selling Group Member for the Northeast Region Winner, the Power Authority of the State of New York’s $1.23 billion issuance of tax-exempt and taxable revenue bonds. The deal included $791.6 million of green bonds, the authority’s first such issuance, representing the largest public power green bond transaction of all time.