Team Mischler Joins with BSTA to Lend our Hands and Serve Veterans at New England Center and Home for Veterans

CEO Dean Chamberlain with former Navy Aviator and NECHV Pres/CEO Andy McCawley (top left), Team Mischler’s Pat Morrissey, Matt Horan, Larry Peruzzi, Tim Casey, and Chris Walsh, and BSTA Governor Charley O’Connor (top center)

Led by CEO Dean Chamberlain, Mischler Financial Group team members joined hands on April 26th with Boston Securities Traders Association Governor Charlie O’Connor for a day of service to the New England Center & Home for Veterans.

Manning the kitchen and serving under-resourced military veterans who rely on NECHV for sustenance, Chef Chamberlain took direction from NECHV President & CEO Andy McCawley and worked side by side with Mischler’s Managing Director, International Equities Larry Peruzzi, Managing Director, Corporate Cash Solution Chris Walsh, and sales/traders Pat Morrissey, Matt Horan, and Tim Casey. BSTA Governor Charley O’Connor (top center, far right) earns a 4-star salute for bringing this brigade of warriors together to lend a hand to so many who served with valor and distinction.

“There is no greater reward than having the satisfaction of serving those who have served us all”, said Dean Chamberlain.

The Mission of the New England Center and Home for Veterans (NECHV) is to equip Veterans who are facing or at-risk of homelessness with the tools for economic self-sufficiency and to provide them a path to achieve successful and dignified independent living.

A service and care provider for former military service men and women, the NECHV offers a broad array of programs and services that enable success, reintegration, meaningful employment, and independent living.