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Mischler Debt Market Comment Independence Day 2017 Special Edition
July 2017      Debt Market Commentary   

Quigley’s Corner Independence Day 2017 Special Edition-Investment Grade Debt Market Insight 


Fourth of July Special Edition- Mischler Debt Market Commentary

Americans Don’t Understand What It Means to Serve–by Nick Palmisciano

A Salute to Mischler’s Debt Capital Markets/Investment Banking Team | Military Veterans (SDV)

Independence Day Investment Grade New Issue Re-Cap

Today’s IG Primary & Secondary Market Talking Points

Global Market Recap

The “QC” Geopolitical Risk Monitor

Syndicate IG Corporate-only Volume Estimates This Week and July

NICs, Bid-to-Covers, Tenors, Sizes and Average Spread Compression from IPTs thru Launches

Indexes and New Issue Volume

Lipper Report/Fund Flows – Week ending June 28th              

IG Credit Spreads by Rating

IG Credit Spreads by Industry

New Issue Pipeline

M&A Pipeline

Independence Day Economic Data Releases

Rates Trading Lab

Tomorrow’s Calendar





I have written here over and over that the United States is the best story out of a lot of otherwise bad stories throughout our inextricably global-linked world economy.  Make no mistake about it, however, we are the best and the greatest nation on the face of the earth.  We should all take pause to recall that tomorrow as we take in the scents of our barbecues, the tastes of our beers and the fun in the sun of Independence Day.  The United States IS the engine that the world looks to when there are wildfires all around as there are now.  At the foot of Mt. Rushmore are bronze plaques featuring prominent quotes from each of the four Presidents whose faces are carved into granite.  My favorite is that of Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.

“We, here in America, hold in our hands the hopes of the worlds, the fate of the coming years; and shame and disgrace will be ours if in our eyes the light of high resolve is dimmed, if we trail in the dust the golden hopes of men.”

We have an early close today ahead of the Fourth of July.  We celebrate it once annually but we should all appreciate it 365 days a year.  As we labor in freedom, and breath freedom – the oxygen for our souls – let’s all remember the words of Elmer Davis who said, “the United States of America will forever remain the land of the free so long as it is the home of the brave.” The following very prescient letter came to me on July 3rd of 2013, It is a moving tribute to those who serve our great nation, past, present and future.  Please take a moment to read it.


Americans Don’t Understand What It Means to Serve by Nick Palmisciano


Nic Palmisciano spent six years as an infantry officer in the United States Army.  He will tell you that he’ll never hold a more important job in his lifetime than platoon leader.  He wrote this letter:

I remember the day I found out I got into West Point. My mom actually showed up in the hallway of my high school and waited for me to get out of class. She was bawling her eyes out and apologizing that she had opened up my admission letter. She wasn’t crying because it had been her dream for me to go there. She was crying because she knew how hard I’d worked to get in, how much I wanted to attend, and how much I wanted to be an infantry officer. I was going to get that opportunity.

That same day, two of my teachers took me aside and essentially told me the following: Nick, you’re a smart guy. You don’t have to join the military. You should go to college, instead.

I could easily write a tome defending West Point and the military as I did that day, explaining that USMA is an elite institution, that separate from that it is actually statistically much harder to enlist in the military than it is to get admitted to college, that serving the nation is a challenge that all able-bodied men should at least consider for a host of reasons, but I won’t.  What I will say is that when a 16-year-old kid is being told that attending West Point is going to be bad for his future then there is a dangerous disconnect in America , and entirely too many Americans have no idea what kind of burdens our military is bearing.

-In World War II, 11.2% of the nation served in its four years.

-In Vietnam, 4.3% served in its 12 years.

-Since 2001, only 0.45% of our population has served in the Global War on Terror.

These are unbelievable statistics.

Over time, fewer and fewer people have shouldered more and more of the burden and it is only getting worse.

Our troops were sent to war in Iraq by a Congress consisting of 10% veterans with only one person having a child in the military. Taxes did not increase to pay for the war.  War bonds were not sold.   Gas was not regulated. In fact, the average citizen was asked to sacrifice nothing, and has sacrificed nothing unless he has chosen to out of the goodness of his heart.  The only people who have sacrificed are the veterans and their families. The volunteers. The people who swore an oath to defend this nation.

You stand there, deployment after deployment and fight on. You’ve lost relationships, spent years of your lives in extreme conditions, years apart from kids you’ll never get back, and beaten your body in a way that even professional athletes don’t understand.

Then you come home to a nation that doesn’t understand.

They don’t understand suffering.

They don’t understand sacrifice.

They don’t understand why we fight for them.

They don’t understand that bad people exist.

They look at you like you’re a machine – like something is wrong with you. You are the misguided one — not them. When you get out, you sit in the college classrooms with political science teachers who discount your opinions on Iraq and Afghanistan because YOU WERE THERE and can’t understand the macro issues they gathered from books because of your bias. You watch TV shows where every vet has PTSD and the violent strain at that. Your Congress is debating your benefits, your retirement, and your pay, while they ask you to do more. But the amazing thing about you is that you all know this. You know your country will never pay back what you’ve given up. You know that the populace at large will never truly understand or appreciate what you have done for them. Hell, you know that in some circles, you will be thought of as less than normal for having worn the uniform. But you do it anyway.   You do what the greatest men and women of this country have done since 1775 – YOU SERVED!  Just that decision alone makes you part of an elite group.

As Winston Churchill said of World War II veterans: “Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few.”

I’d like to thank the veterans who served our nation and who are an integral part of the family here at Mischler Financial Group, Inc.  Thanks in particular go out to Walt Mischler, our Founder and Chairman as well as Dean Chamberlain, CEO, who blessed this small efficient special operations fighting unit known as Mischler Financial with their Service Disabled Veteran certifications that I can safely say is the most formidable in our space.  Never have I met two more honorable, trustworthy and loyal men in this business.

A Salute to Mischler’s Debt Capital Markets Team ; Military Veterans | Wall Street Veterans

66% of our fixed income investment banking team are Service Disabled Veterans or Veterans. 


  • Walter Mischler, Founder and Chairman, SDV
  • Dean Chamberlain, CEO, Partner, SDV
  • Richard Tilghman, Managing Director, Public Finance
  • Jason Klinghoffer, CFA
  • Jonathan Herrick, DCM Analyst

mischler independence day 2017 debt market comment

Wishing you and your families a fabulous and safe Fourth of July!

God Bless America!
Ron Quigley, Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income Syndicate

Investment Grade New Issue Re-Cap

As expected, more than 50% of market participants took off SIFMA’s early close Monday ahead of tomorrow’s Independence Day holiday and to no one’s surprise nothing priced in our IG dollar DCM and as a result, volume is 0.00% across the boards for the WTD and MTD totals.


  • The IG Corporate WTD total is 0.00% of this week’s syndicate midpoint average forecast or $0.00b vs. $6.44b.
  • MTD we’ve priced 0.00% of the syndicate forecast for June or $0.00b vs. $84.40b.
  • There are now 9 IG Corporate, Yankee and/or SSA new issues in the IG credit pipeline.


Today’s IG Primary & Secondary Market Talking Points


  • BAML’s IG Master Index was unchanged at +115.  +106 represents the post-Crisis low dating back to July 2007.
  • Bloomberg/Barclays US IG Corporate Bond Index OAS was unchanged at 1.09.
  • Standard & Poor’s Investment Grade Composite Spread was unchanged at +157.  The +140 reached on July 30th 2014 represents the post-Crisis low.
  • Investment grade corporate bond trading posted a final Trace count of $12.6b on Friday versus $17.6b on Thursday and $11.8b the previous Friday.
  • The 10-DMA stands at $16.0b.


Global Market Recap


  • S. Treasuries – Strong ISM manufacturing sent USTs reeling on the heels of hawkish Central Banks.
  • Overseas Bonds – JGB’s mostly red. EU core & semi core mixed. Peripherals bid.
  • 3mth Libor – Set at highest yield (1.30072%) since March 2009.
  • Stocks – DOW rallied (all-time high) & NASDAQ sold off.
  • Overseas Stocks – Asia had small gains while Europe had a very good day.
  • Economic – ISM manufacturing printed at high since Aug 2014.
  • Overseas Economic – China, Japan & Europe (not U.K.) with positive data.
  • Currencies – USD bounced back from a bad week last week in style.
  • Commodities – The CRB, crude oil & wheat rallies continued. Metals were hit.
  • CDX IG: -0.10 to 60.42
  • CDX HY: -2.69 to 336.19
  • CDX EM: -0.60 to 201.84

*CDX levels are as of 3:30PM ET today.

-Tony Farren


The “QC” Geopolitical Risk Monitor


Risk Level/Main Factor Geopolitical Risks
Asian Political Tensions
·    N. Korea continues ballistic missile development, improving accuracy & distance in defiance of  G-20 protests; Lack of Chinese mediation; Recent Otto Warmbier death; U.S. sanctions certain  Chinese banks and individuals to influence PROC pressure on NOKO.
BREXIT Fallout
·    U.K. PM May is on the hot seat. Macron-Merkel coalition to squeeze U.K. for all it can. Italian  domestic bank bail-out outside EU “rule of law” concern for EU stability.
“U.S. political gridlock”
Escalating war in Syria
·    Trump financial, healthcare, tax and infrastructure reform challenges & consensus GOP support  to pass legislation questioned/Dems lose 4 consecutive special elections

·    U.S. shoots down Syrian SU-22 that bombed SDF backed-forces; Russia warns that it suspended cooperation & will track down and shoot coalition planes west of Euphrates. Potential for escalation between the U.S. & Russia is real. Turkey, Iran, Israel loom large in this scenario.

·    U.S. Senate sanctions Iran for missile testing and supporting terrorism; also expands sanctions against Russia in 98-2 vote; Russia in expansion mode; meddling in international elections.

·    GCC Crisis as Saudis, UAB, Egypt, Bahrain & 5 others accuse Qatar of backing terrorism/ Yemen, Mauritius, Maldives, Mauritania and Maldives join in severing diplomatic ties.

·    Italian debt-to-GDP ratio is 133% – world’s 3rd highest. €17bn gov’t. bail out of two Italian banks.

·    Closing in on ISIS has also scattered it across wider MENA region and Europe.

·    Cybercrime, ransomware, viruses & hacking are winning cyber wars. The latest attack hit four continents, law firms, food companies, power grids, pharma & gov’ts (Ukraine & Russia).

·    Central banks shrinking balance sheets/higher volatility in 2H17.

MODERATE ·    China hard landing – rising corporate debt have the OECD and IMF concerned.

·    Venezuela – tumbling oil prices could impact ability to repay debt; civil unrest.

2018 U.S. Recession
·    Increased chance of 2018 U.S. recession in light of recent very hawkish Fed-speak and sights

on one more rate hike in 2017.


Syndicate IG Corporate-only Volume Estimates This Week and July


IG Corporate New Issuance This Week
vs. Current
WTD – $0.00b
July 2017
vs. Current
MTD – $0.00b
Low-End Avg. $5.71b 0.00% $83.87b 0.00%
Midpoint Avg. $6.44b 0.00% $84.40b 0.00%
High-End Avg. $7.17b 0.00% $84.92b 0.00%
The Low $0b 0.00% $70b 0.00%
The High $15b 0.00% $111b 0.00%


Below please find my synopsis of everything Syndicate and Secondary from today’s debt capital markets, including the investment grade corporate bond data drill down as seen from my seat here in Syndicate, Sales and DCM. (more…)

Trump’s “Phenomenal Tax Plan” Pushes Equities Higher..For How Long?
February 2017      Equities Market Commentary   

Peruzzi’s Perch – Feb 10 2017- Phenomenal Tax Plan ; Global Central Banks Fragmentation



Larry Peruzzi

U.S markets spent most of the week listening to noise out of Washington regarding Travel Ban legal challenges and cabinet appointment nomination hearings. With little in terms market moving economic data financial markets were trying to determine if recent run up to record levels left assets overvalued. Wednesday that noise turned to music as a Trump Olive branch letter to China’s President Xi Jinping promised a “constructive relationship”.

The letter, coupled with Trump promises of ‘Phenomenal’ tax plan pushed U.S markets to fresh record highs. So while fears grow that the U.S foreign policy is leaning more toward protectionism and isolationism, market friendly fiscal policy is allowing us to look past the noise.

An interesting global central bank story is developing where monetary policy is beginning to become independent of each other. Some Central Banks are now raising, some are cutting, many still standing put; but we are no longer moving in lockstep.

This should create many global trading opportunities in fixed income securities. Earnings season will continue to wind down with 67 companies (heavy in techs) reporting next week. Economic releases next week will give the FED a clearer picture on inflation with Tuesday’s PPI, Wednesday CPI and retail sales and Thursday’s housing starts and building permits.

Although, recent releases statements have indicated the FED is happy to hold rates unchanged a little longer. FED Chairwomen Yellen has a full week as she appears before Senate Banking Panel on Tuesday followed by her Semi-Annual testimony to the House Panel on Wednesday. Investors are also starting to look at valuations as the S&P 500 P.E ratio rose to 21.2. We have seen it higher, but as we approach a P.E of 24 and 25, many will be looking to book some profits.

So, overall investors will continue to dance with the market as long as the music continues, but watch those valuations and inflation indicators.

Larry Peruzzi

Managing Director International Trading

Mischler Financial Group

Investment Banking | Institutional Brokerage

Ph:   1-617-420-8472

Larry Peruzzi is a 20 yr global trading markets veteran and brings a unique perspective to global equities market commentary via Mischler Financial Group, the securities industry’s oldest minority broker-dealer owned and operated by service-disabled veterans.  Larry’s experience  and best execution perspective stems from his sitting on ‘both sides of the aisle.’  For more than half of Larry’s career, he ran buy-side trading desks for Standish Mellon and thereafter, The Boston Company. In both of those roles, Larry was responsible for implementing and managing international equities trade execution. Larry’s perspectives are frequently cited by the leading financial news publishers, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg LP and Reuters

Mischler End of Week Equities Market Commentary via Peruzzi’s Perch Feb 10 2017 end-of-week edition is distributed via email to institutional investment managers and Fortune Treasury clients of veteran-owned broker-dealer Mischler Financial Group, the investment industry’s oldest and largest minority broker-dealer owned and operated by Service-Disabled Veterans.

Peruzzi’s Perch is a weekly synopsis of Everything Equities as seen from the perch of Mischler Financial Group’s International Equities Desk. Cited by Wall Street Letter in each of 2014, 2015 and 2016 for “Best Research / Broker-Dealer”, Peruzzi’s Perch is one of four distinctive content pieces produced by Mischler Financial Group.

To receive Peruzzi’s Perch, please contact Larry Peruzzi, Managing Director, International Equities via email: or via phone. (more…)

Corporate Bond New Issuance Elasticity: Get It While Its Hot
January 2017      Debt Market Commentary   

Quigley’s Corner 01.06.17 Weekend Edition: Investment Grade Corpoate Bond New Issuance & Spread Elasticity: Get It While It’s Hot


Investment Grade New Issue Re-Cap 

My Thoughts re: Next Week’s Issuance

IG Primary & Secondary Market Talking Points

Syndicate IG Corporate-only Volume Estimates for January 

The Best and the Brightest” – Investment Grade New Issuance Forecasts Next Week 

NICs, Bid-to-Covers, Tenors, Sizes and Average Spread Compression from IPTs thru Launches

This Week’s IG New Issues and Where They’re Trading

Lipper Report/Fund Flows – Week ending January 4th     

IG Credit Spreads by Rating / Industry

New Issue Pipeline

M&A Pipeline

Economic Data Releases

Rates Trading Lab


It was a no-print Friday today and a well-deserved one at that considering yesterday was the 4th busiest ever in our dollar IG DCM. We priced $53.233b in new IG Corporate-only product this week in just three days and $65.233b including SSA issuance!  What a heck of a start to the New Year!  This morning’s NFP number was another very strong one posting a 156k payroll increase versus 175k estimates or 17% better than expected.  You know what that means…….with labor shortages expected throughout 2017, wages will increase and when wages increase people spend more money and when people spend more money the Fed is more likely to raise rates!  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  We have a big January 20th inauguration ahead of us that should make for great TV before Trump & Co. institute rapid change with a Republican controlled Beltway. But before that our U.S. six-pack big FIGs release earnings beginning on January 13th thru the 18th which leaves next week open prior to that deluge.  In speaking to the “Best and the Brightest” in the world of syndicate this morning it’s looking like we drop off a lot from this week but then again $30b, $35b, $40b speaks volumes about just how incredible this week was.  Allow me to opine therein and then let’s re-cap things first before I invite you all to join me as we visit with each of the top 23 syndicate desks in our IG dollar DCM to hear their thoughts, numbers and ranges for next week.


My Thoughts re: Next Week’s Issuance

Tuesday’s deals were tighter, and Wednesday’s deals were tighter BUT some widened while yesterday’s deals were 48% wider? What’s it mean? It means “get it while it’s hot,” and the hotter it gets, the more they compress spreads and the more they compress spreads the more likely they are to leak out. So, with the U.S. six-pack banks set to release earnings beginning on January 13th thru the 18th, we have a bit before that money center bank deluge happens. In the interim, next week will seem like a drop off in issuance but why wouldn’t it? We priced the 4th busiest day in history for both IG Corporate AND for IG Corporates and SSA yesterday ($53.233b and $65.233b respectively). By those standards any other week will pale in comparison. However, I believe things hold in and we get $40bn-plus of all-in Corp + SSA issuance next week. Call IG Corporates $35b.


IG Primary & Secondary Market Talking Points


  • Taking a look at the secondary trading performance of this week’s IG and SSA new issues, of the 67 deals that printed, 38 tightened versus NIP for a 56.50% improvement rate while 16 widened (24.00%) and 13 were flat (19.50%).
  • For the week ended January 4th, Lipper U.S. Fund Flows reported an inflow of $2.186b into Corporate Investment Grade Funds (2016 YTD net inflow of $2.186b) and a net inflow of $734.107 into High Yield Funds (2016 YTD net inflow of $734.107b).
  • The average spread compression from IPTs thru the launch/final pricing of today’s XX IG Corporate-only new issues was XX.XX bps.
  • BAML’s IG Master Index widened 1 bp to +129 vs. +128.  +106 represents the post-Crisis low dating back to July 2007.
  • Bloomberg/Barclays US IG Corporate Bond Index OAS widened 1 bp to +122 vs. +121.  The “LUACOAS” wide since 2012 is +215. The tight is +122.
  • Standard & Poor’s Investment Grade Composite Spread widened 1 bp to +167 vs. +166.  The +140 reached on July 30th 2014 represents the post-Crisis low.
  • Investment grade corporate bond trading posted a final Trace count of $22b on Thursday (7th highest day since 2006) versus $22.4b on Wednesday (6th highest volume day) and $4.1b the previous Thursday.
  • The 10-DMA stands at $9.6b.


Syndicate IG Corporate-only Volume Estimates for January 


IG Corporate New Issuance January 2017
vs. Current
MTD – $53.233b
Low-End Avg. $107.87b 49.35%
Midpoint Avg. $108.41b 49.10%
High-End Avg. $108.96b 48.86%
The Low $80b 66.54%
The High $145b 36.71%


The Best and the Brightest” –  Syndicate Forecasts and Sound Bites for Next Week  

I am happy to announce that, once again, the “QC” received unanimous responses from the 23 syndicate desks surveyed in today’s Best & Brightest poll.  22 of those participants are among 2016’s top 24 ranked syndicate desks according to today’s Bloomberg’s U.S. IG U.S. Investment Grade Corporate Bond underwriting league table.  In fact, all of today’s 23 participants finished in the top 25 of last year’s final IG Corporate Bloomberg league table.  The 2016 League table can be found on your terminals at “LEAG” + [GO] after which you select #201 (US Investment Grade Corporates).  The participating desks represent 81.59% of all IG dollar-denominated new issue underwriting as of today’s table share percentage which simply means they’re the ones with visibility.  But it’s not only about their volume forecasts, it’s also about their comments!  This core syndicate group does it best; they know best; so they’re the ones you WANT and NEED to hear from.  It’s a great look at the week ahead.

*Please note that these are Investment Grade Corporates only. They do not include SSA issuance unless otherwise noted.


As always “thank you” to all the syndicate desks that participated in today’s survey.  I greatly appreciate your time to contribute and for making this edition of the “QC” among the most widely read! You are helping to promote Mischler’s value-added DCM proposition while adding readership to the “QC” that won Wall Street Letter’s Award as Best Broker Dealer Research in our financial services industry for the third consecutive year! That’s 2014, 2015 and 2016 !!   

To best frame our weekly poll i.e.  projected new issue activity, we posed the following to our  Best & Brightest”respondents:

This week’s $53.233b of IG Corporate only new issue volume ranks as the 4th largest of all-time.

  • This week’s $65.233b of all-in (IG Corporate and SSA) issuance also ranks as the 4th highest of all-time. 
  • This week’s IG Corporate only volume total ($53.233b) represents just over 49% of the syndicate midpoint average forecast for all of January ($108.41) after only 3 sessions!  

Here are this week’s five IG Corporate-only key primary market driver averages after the close of yesterday’s: 

o   NICS:  2.25 bps

o   Oversubscription Rates: 2.45x

o   Tenors:  6.52 years

o   Tranche Sizes: $859mm

o   Spread Compression from IPTs to the Launch: <15.27> bps

Here’s the performance data comparing this week’s averages versus those of the week ending December 15th:


  • NICs widened 1.75 bps to 2.25 bps vs. <0.50> bps..
  • Over subscription or bid-to-cover rates increased marginally by 0.04x to 2.45x vs. 2.41x. 
  • Average tenors shortened dramatically by 4.15 years to 6.52 years vs. 10.67 years.
  • Tranche sizes increased noticeably by $151mm to $859mm vs. $708mm.
  • Spread compression from IPTs to the launch/final pricing of this week’s 62 IG Corporate new issues widened by <1.90> bps to <15.27> vs. <17.17>.
  • Standard and Poor’s Investment Grade Composite Spreads tightened 2 bps to +167 vs. +169.
  • Week-on-week, BAML’s IG Master Index tightened 1 bp to +129 versus +130 on Thursday, December 15th
  • Spreads across the four IG asset classes tightened by 0.75 bps to 20.00 vs. 22.00 bps on Thursday, December 15th and as measured against their post-Crisis lows. 
  • Looking at the 19 major industry sectors, spreads tightened 1.57 bps to 26.32 vs. 27.89 on Thursday, December 15th, also against their post-Crisis lows.


……and now for the first time of 2017, I’d like to know your thoughts and your numbers for next week’s IG Corporate new issue volume. You all know that I greatly appreciate your participation week in and week out.
Thanks very much, Ron!


The “Best and the Brightest” in Their Own Words


……..……and here are their formidable responses: (more…)

Mischler Boston Team Gives Back to Vets DAV 5k
November 2016      Giving Back   

November 12-2016–Mischler Financial Group’s Boston Office team, home to Mischler’s International Equities Group turned out in force to participate in the 2016 DAV 5K Boston Run to Honor Veterans, one of Boston’s leading Veterans Day fundraising programs.

The DAV 5K Run to Honor Veterans is a run, walk, roll and motorcycle ride that thanks those who served and raises awareness of the issues our ill and injured veterans face every day. The DAV 5K National Series is presented by DAV (Disabled American Veterans), a nonprofit organization that helps more than 1 million veterans in life-changing ways each year.

“The events help further the mission of DAV to ensure our injured heroes are not alone on their road to recovery. When you participate in the DAV 5K and encourage others to support this event, you are investing in the lives of our wounded American heroes who have sacrificed for our freedoms.”


(l) Mischler Managing Dir Larry Peruzzi, Guest Marybeth Forbes, Lauren Peruzzi; Right Side Image: (l) Chris Dorin (The Boston Company), Marybeth Forbes,Mischler sales/trader Jeanne Austin, Larry Peruzzi, Lauren Peruzzi





Mischler Equities Market Week In Review-A Look to Election Day-11.04.16
November 2016      Equities Market Commentary   

Peruzzi’s Perch 11.04.16 – Equities Market Week In Review & Ahead: It’s All About The Presidential Election

larry-peruzzi-mischler-equitiiesThe complexion of the U.S markets changed dramatically this week when the FBI reopened the Clinton email investigation.  James Comey did what the Fed, earnings, oil and economic data was unable to do; his self-described “focus on full transparency” caused market volatility to spike, evident by the 42% rise in the VIX index. Make no mistake about it, this market is squarely being controlled by Tuesday U.S Presidential election. We did have numerous noteworthy items this week…

A decent October jobs report when looked at coupled with September’s +35K revision, gains in nonfarm productivity, some growth in ISM manufacturing, and dovish personal income and spending data. We also saw weakness in Oil with Wednesday’s U.S inventory and OPEC production data pushing WTI back below $44 a barrel and down 9% for the week. Bank of England voted 9-0 to keep rates unchanged and Egypt devalued and raised rates by 300 bps. Q3 earnings are wrapping up and looked decent overall.

All these items would normally be a bigger deal but all were relegated to the back seat with Mr. Comey’s actions dramatically tighten the Presidential race (Clinton 12 point lead down to 3 points). The coming election is solely in the driver’s seat. Residents of battleground states of New Hampshire, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado and Arizona can expect a large amount of political bombardment this weekend. The Presidency and control of the senate is at stake in these crucial 7 states. Mexico reportedly was making contingency plans in case of a Donald Trump victory.  It will be and interesting weekend to say the least. Markets saw a fair amount of hedging and speculative trading activity this week as investor’s distain for uncertainty grows. As of Friday U.S markets were battling in an attempt to break an 8 day losing streak. A 9th down day for the S&P 500 index would mark the longest losing streak in 36 years and European stocks hit oversold levels on Friday.

Looking ahead to next week, it will be the Election on Tuesday and the results analysis on Wednesday that will dictate our direction and short term future. Earnings highlights next week (only 31 S&P 500 names reporting) are Rockwell on Monday, DR Horton and CVS on Tuesday, Viacom on Wednesday and Macy’s, Nordstrom and Kohl’s on Thursday.  Biggest economic data point will be Friday’s University of Michigan sentiment data, and I expect it will be largely dismissed as the control of Congress and the White House will make next month’s sentiment data more meaningful. Fundamental analysts will be happy to get back to work latter in the week after macro and micro data points come back into focus.

Fed governors have been quiet lately, but their pointing to coming rate hikes have been heard as Fed Fund Implied Probability is pricing in a 74% chance of a December 14 rate hike of 25 bps. Chicago President Evans speaks on the Economy and Policy in NYC on Tuesday and I’d expect he minces his words carefully. Fed’s Williams speak on Wednesday, Bullard on Thursday and Fischer on Friday. We might see the gloves come off with some interesting and insightful comments coming out after the election. Although most of the country is experiencing mild temperatures, November does tell us colder weather is coming. So, as refiners switch over to heating oil, crude will be in focus next week.  Traders will be looking for production levels out of Saudi Arabia and Russia, refining capacity and any news from OPEC that might signal some strength for the commodity but resent production numbers points toward further weakness.

In a nutshell, markets will be looking at higher interest rates soon and a potential shift in power in Washington. Cash looks to be King until these story lines play out. Remember to vote but please only vote once so we can get this behind us.

Larry Peruzzi

Managing Director International Trading

Mischler Financial Group

Investment Banking | Institutional Brokerage

Ph:   1-617-420-8472

Larry Peruzzi is a 20 yr global trading markets veteran and brings to Mischler a unique background. His career experience  and best execution perspective stems from his sitting on ‘both sides of the aisle.’  For more than half of Larry’s career, he ran buy-side trading desks for Standish Mellon and thereafter, The Boston Company. In both of those roles, Larry was responsible for implementing and managing international equities trade execution. Larry’s perspectives are frequently cited by the leading financial news publishers, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg LP and Reuters. (more…)

Fed NOT Raising Rates-Mischler Debt Market Comment
September 2016      Debt Market Commentary   

Quigley’s Corner 09.15.16 Fed Not Raising Rates


Investment Grade Corporate Debt New Issue Re-Cap – IG Lotto:Corporate Volume Tops Weekly Syndicate Estimates

 Global Market Recap

All You Need to Know About Today’s Bank of England Meeting

IG Primary & Secondary Market Talking Points

Fixed Income Syndicate IG Corporate-only Volume Estimates for September

New Issues Priced

Lipper Report/Fund Flows

IG Corporate Spreads (by Rating/Industry)

New Issue Pipeline

M&A Pipeline

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Today’s winning lotto numbers are 11-16-945 as in 11 IG Corporate issuers, priced 16 tranches totaling $9.45b.  With that amount we have officially broken through this week’s syndicate midpoint average forecasts by over 7% or $39.745b vs. $36.91b. Notable today was that 4 issuers upsized their transactions from initial morning announcement sizes.

Remember what I wrote this past Monday folks (Check your “QC” dated 9/12/2016.  – “Look folks, the Fed is not raising rates this year.  Many sight December as the next hike but it’s not happening.” The world can barely stand on two feet let alone get economic engines back to growth mode.  Today’s numbers confirm that. With that, read my lips, or read my commentary, but the take-away is the same: Fed NOT Raising Rates (at least not anytime soon, nor with any degree of significance that would upend the current global financial market environment).

Global Market Recap


  • S. Treasuries – USTs closed mixed with steeper curve. 5/30’s has steepened 10 days in a row.
  • 3mth Libor – Set at its highest yield (0.85656%) since May 2009.
  • Stocks – US stocks with a strong rally. FTSE leads Europe higher. Nikkei had a bad day.
  • Economic – Very disappointing day on the U.S. economic front.
  • Currencies – USD mixed & little changed vs. Euro & PND but lost ground vs. Yen/CAD/AUD.
  • Commodities – Crude eked out a gain, heating oil higher & gold lost ground.
  • CDX IG: -3.0 to 74.31
  • CDX HY: -11.76 to 405.92
  • CDX EM: -5.58 to 255.94

*CDX levels are as of 3:30PM ET today.

-Tony Farren


All You Need to Know About Today’s Bank of England Meeting


  • BOE Sees chance of another rate cut this year but holds today at 0.25%; Vote 9-0.
  • BOE keeps gilt purchase plan at £435b; Vote 9-0.
  • Holds corporate bond plan at £10b; Vote 9-0.
  • Monetary Policy Committee Majority expect rate cut “if” August outlook is confirmed.
  • Initial impact of August stimulus is “encouraging.”
  • Some near-term indicators are “better than expected.”
  • Inflation reaching 2% target in first half of 2017.
  • Lower bound is close to but a bit above, zero.
  • Second half slowdown may be less severe than previously forecast.
  • Cannot infer from near-term about 2017 or 2018 projections.
  • MPC view of “contours of economic outlook” are unchanged.
  • Hawkish BOE members Forbes, McCafferty say extra gilt purchases still not warranted.


IG Primary & Secondary Market Talking Points


  • Kite Realty Group LP upsized today’s 10-year Senior Notes new issue to $300mm from $250mm at the launch and at the tightest side of guidance.
  • CCL Industries Inc. increased today’s 10-year Senior Notes new issue to $500mm from $400mm at the launch and at the tightest side of guidance.
  • Dairy Farmers of America Inc. bumped up its new $1,000 par PerpNC10 cumulative preferred securities, Series “C” new issue to $150mm from $100mm at the launch and at the tightest side of guidance.
  • Pitney Bowes Inc. boosted its 5-year Senior Notes new issue to $600mm from $400mm at the launch.
  • The average spread compression from IPTs thru the launch/final pricing of today’s 16 IG Corporate-only new issues was 23.34 bps.
  • BAML’s IG Master Index widened 1 bp to +143 versus +142.  +106 represents the post-Crisis low dating back to July 2007.
  • Standard & Poor’s Global Fixed Income Research was unchanged at +191.  The +140 reached on July 30th 2014 represents the post-Crisis low.
  • Investment grade corporate bond trading posted a final Trace count of $17b on Wednesday versus $15.8b Tuesday and $16.5b the previous Wednesday.
  • The 10-DMA stands at $14b.


Mischler Christmas Holiday Message to US Military and SDVs: Thank You.
December 2013      Company News, Giving Back   

The entire Mischler Financial Group team extends a special holiday salute to all the men and women currently serving in the US Military, those who have served, those injured in the line of duty,  and to the family members of those who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect all of us.

There is no greater honor than serving to defend the freedoms that we hold so dear.

Thank you. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season. We hope the New Year brings you health and happiness.

Walt Mischler, (SDV), Founder & Chairman

Dean Chamblerlain (SDV), Principal & CEO

Doyle Holmes, President & COO

In Honor of Vets on Memorial Day: Mischler Maps To Fisher House
May 2013      Company News, Giving Back, News and Information   

To Honor Vets on Veterans Day,  Mischler Financial Pledges 10% of Month’s Profits To Fisher House Foundation

For Immediate Release

May 6, Stamford, CT—Mischler Financial Group, the financial industry’s leading boutique investment bank and securities brokerage owned and operated by service-disabled veterans, today announced that in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day, the firm will contribute 10% of its May profits to Fisher House, the private-public partnership that provides temporary housing facilities at no cost for visiting family members of disabled veterans who are hospitalized for treatment in local VA medical centers.

Dean Chamberlain, CEO of Mischler Financial Group stated, “In connection with our year-round commitment to various programs that help service-disabled veterans, we’re honored to play a supporting role to Fisher House. This is a critically-important organization that enables veteran family members to provide crucial, onsite care and support for their injured loved ones while they undergo extended medical treatment at venues far from their homes.”

Noted Fisher House CFO David Fox, a U.S. Naval Academy alumni and former senior partner of financial industry consultant Greenwich Associates, “Having the financial support of a firm such as Mischler Financial not only adds wind to our sails, but when considering the legacy of the firm, their recognition speaks volumes to the importance of the Fisher House mission.”

fisherhouse logoAbout Fisher House

Originated in 1990, Fisher House Foundation donates “comfort homes” built on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers. The Fisher House program now operates 60 venues throughout the country and serves more than 19,000 families; it has made available over 4 million days of lodging to family members since the program originated. By law, there is no charge for any family to stay at a Fisher House operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Fisher House also administers and sponsors Scholarships for Military Children, the Hero Miles program, and co-sponsors the Newman’s Own Award.

About Mishler Financial Group, Inc.

Established in 1994 and headquartered in Newport Beach, California with regional offices in Stamford, CT, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, and Red Bank, NJ, Mischler Financial Group is a certified minority broker-dealer and Service Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise (SDVBE) providing capital markets services, agency-only execution within the global equities and fixed income markets, and asset management for liquid and alternative investment strategies. The firm’s clients include leading corporate treasurers, public plan sponsors, endowments and foundations. The firm’s website is located at

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